Announcing the Cro-Stash Along!

Good morning!

img_4602So this past week, I decided to organize my stash. I sorted through all my yarn and then gathered the yarn I had from upstairs… and my boys’ room…. and the closet… well, you get the idea! Then, I suddenly came to the horrifying realization: I have too much yarn! Well, we just can’t have that! So I decided that I need to put it to good use. Its not doing anyone any good just sitting there! But then I had an idea that I think you’ll like!

Want to de-stash with me? I’ll post a new (free!) pattern every week that uses a skein or less of yarn (or sometimes combine lots of extra from the stash!). These patterns will be fairly quick and simple so we make sure we have time to complete them before the next pattern release. I’ll also be posting some charity links, so we have a place to send some of these awesome creations!

What do you think? Are you on board? What kinds of patterns are you hoping to see??

I’ll be posting the first pattern Monday! You’ll need some Worsted weight yarn from your stash and an I hook. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to sign up for email reminders! I’ll send an email each week as well during our Cro-Stash Along to make sure you don’t miss anything!


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